Symbolic Logic 5E: 2.1, IV

“Using capitol letters to abbreviate simple statements, symbolize the following”

1. S ∧W
Where S=’The words of his mouth were smoother than butter’ and W=’war
was in his heart.’

2. (¬E ∧ ¬W) ∧ ¬S
Where E=’Promotion comes from the east,’ W=’Promotion comes from the
west,’ and S=Promotion comes from the south.’

3. G ∧ F
Where G=’Man’s days are as grass’ and F=’as a flower, so he flourisheth.’

4. W ∧ S
Where W=’Wine is a mocker’ and S=’strong drink is raging.’
5. G ∧ S
Where G=’God hath made man upright’ and S=’they have sought out many

6. ¬R ∧ ¬B
Where R=’The race is to the swift’ and B=’the battle is to the strong.’

7. L ∧ J
Where L=’Love is strong as death’ and J=’jealousy is cruel as the grave.’

8. ¬B ∧ ¬S
Where B=’he shall break a bruised reed’ and S=’he shall quench smoking

9. L ∧ P
Where L=’Saul and Jonathon were lovely in their lives’ and P=’Saul and
Jonathon were pleasant in their lives.’

10. ¬D ∧ ¬N
Where D=’His eye was dim’ and N=’His natural force was abated.’

11. J ∧ E
Where J=’The voice is Jacob’s voice’ and E=’the hands are Esau’s.’

12. ¬H ∧ ¬K
Where H=’He shall return to his house’ and K=’his place will continue to
know him.’


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