Symbolic Logic 5E: 3.1, I

  1. Simplification.
  2. Addition.
  3. Simplification.
  4. Distribution.
  5. Hypothetical Syllogism.
  6. Modus Ponens.
  7. Disjunctive Syllogism.
  8. Destructive Dilemma.
  9. Modus Ponens.
  10. Constructive Dilemma.
  11. Conjunction.
  12. Disjunctive Syllogism.
  13. Constructive Dilemma.
  14. Modus Tollens.
  15. Simplification.

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One response to “Symbolic Logic 5E: 3.1, I

  1. Nick Papadakis, you are my newest hero. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for taking the time to work every problem and publish the answers. The book doesn’t give enough worked problems and their answers, which, with Copi’s over abundant use of verbosity, and oftentimes confusing vernacular, has my head on a hair-trigger, ready to explode. There should be a holiday in your honor!!!!

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