Symbolic Logic 5E: 3.2, I

“For each of the following arguments, state the Rule of Inference by which its conclusion follows from its premiss”

  1. Commutation.
  2. Material Implication.
  3. Transposition.
  4. De Morgan’s Theorem.
  5. Tautology.
  6. Association.
  7. Exportation.
  8. Material Equivalence.
  9. Distribution.
  10. Commutation
  11. De Morgan’s Theorem.
  12. Exportation.
  13. Association.
  14. Material Equivalence.
  15. Distribution.
  16. Double Negation.
  17. Material Implication.
  18. Transposition.
  19. Exportation.
  20. Exportation.

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