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Veteran’s Day Update

Hey folks,

I’ve not updated this site for the better part of a year. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing work worth uploading, however, nor that I’ve abandoned the site.

In fact, I’ll be uploading a bunch of new summaries in analytic philosophy and (probably) more logic solutions. Though real life stuff — like the small matter of my LSAT studies — will always be higher on my priority list, I’ll still maintain this site as best as I’m able, I promise (all 4 of you).

Also, I’ve got a personal website at where similar sorts of content can be found.


Nick Pappy


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The Agenda for the Holiday Break

I am going to be uploading a bunch of new content for this little website of mine in the first few weeks of January. This content includes a couple of political commentaries, book reviews, and (most exciting for me) a bunch of article summaries in the philosophy of mind.

To me, Phil of Mind is on a spectrum with Philosophy of Cognitive Science. Historically, discussions typically characterized as phil of mind material gradually transitioned into discussions about cognitive science after that field’s advent in the 1970’s. In my eyes Phil of Mind is thus best characterized as a historical category where the discussions revolved primarily around the ontology of mental states: what are mental states and how do we best analyze mental terms? The articles uploaded will thus revolve around these two central questions.

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Logic Solution Sets Update

Note: All subsequent logic solution sets are going to be in PDF form. It’s just too time consuming converting the solution sets into a presentable html form for the website pages themselves.

I think this is actually for the better, besides being more convenient for me. The PDF’s will be assembled once all of the sets are posted for a specific text, presenting a convenient document for consultation when working through that text.

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