Symbolic Logic, 5E

Copi, Irving M. Symbolic Logic, 5th Edition. New Jersey: Prentice Hall, 1979.

Copi’s text is not the most accessible around: it is dense (all of sentential and predicate logic are covered in a mere 5 chapters), and Copi is more verbose than necessary. Nonetheless, you’ll come out the other end with a more-than-adequate understanding of symbolic logic if you stick with it.

Note One: Chapter One includes introductory remarks, and chapters 6-10 cover set theory and beyond. It is my intention to focus merely on sentential and predicate logic on this site, and thus these chapters have been omitted.

Note Two: Copi uses the ‘horseshoe’ to symbolize a material conditional, a ‘dot’ to symbolize ‘and,’  and a tilde to symbolize a negation. This is in contrast to the arrow ( ‘→’), wedge ( ‘∧’), and hook ( ‘¬’) used on this website, respectively.


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