Philosophy of Biology

  • “1953 and All That: A Tale of Two Sciences” by Philip Kitcher
  • “A Critique of the Adaptationist Program” by Gould and Lewontin
  • “A Modern History Theory of Functions” by Peter Godfrey-Smith
  • “Accumulating Small Change” by Richard Dawkins
  • “Adaptation and Evolutionary Theory” by Robert Brandon
  • “Beyond the Reach of Chance” by Michael Denton
  • “Biology and Its Philosophy” by Alexander Rosenberg
  • “Chance and Natural Selection” by John Beatty
  • “Darwinism and a Metaphysical Research Programme” by Karl Popper
  • “Darwinism in Contemporary Moral Philosophy and Social Theory” by Alexander Rosenberg
  • “Darwin’s Untimely Burial” by Stephen J Gould
  • “How to Carry Out the Adaptationist Agenda?” by Ernst Mayr
  • “Neo-teleology” by Robert Cummins
  • “The Modern Philosophical Resurrection of Teleology” by Mark Perlman
  • “The Multiple Realizability Argument Against Reductionism” by Elliot Sober
  • “The Principle of Drift: Biology’s First Law” by Robert Brandon


Gene” “Replication” “Units and Levels of Organization” “The Biological Notion of Individual” “Sociobiology” “Teleology in Biology” “Philosophy of Biology” “Reductionism in Biology” “Natural Selection” “Morality and Evolutionary Biology” “Innate vs. Acquired Characteristics” “Fitness” “Evolution” “Genotype/Phenotype Distinction” “Darwinism” “Cultural Evolution” “Biological Altruism” “Adaptationism”

Evolution by Futuyma (textbook)


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