Philosophy of Logic

  • “A Plea for Substitutional Quantifiers” by Charles Parsons
  • “Formal and Material Consequence” by Stephen Read
  • “Logic and Conversation” by Paul Grice
  • “Logic and Existence” by Czeslaw Lejewski
  • “Nominalism and the Substitutional Quantifier” by Ruth Marcus
  • “On the Concept of Logical Consequence” by Alfred Tarski
  • “Outline of a Theory of Truth” by Saul Kripke
  • “Propositions” by George Bealer
  • “Tarski’s Theory of Truth” by Hartry Field
  • “The Concept of Truth” by Alfred Tarski
  • “The Laws of Logic” by Arthur Pap
  • “Truth and Meaning” by Donald Davidson
  • “Types and Ontology” by Fred Sommers
  • “What Can Logic Do for Philosophy?” by Karl Popper
  • “Which Logic is the Right Logic?” by Leslie Tharp


“Abduction” “Contradictions” “Generalized Quantifiers” “Informal Logic” “Inductive Logic” “Logic and Ontology” “Logical Constructions” “Logical Truth” “Plural Quantifiers” “Second-Order and Higher-Order Logic” “Russell’s Paradox” “Sentence Connectives in Formal Logic” “Set Theory” “Early Development of Set Theory” “The Identity of Indiscernibles” “The Logic of Conditionals” “Truth Values” and “Vagueness” SeP entries

The Concept of Truth” by Tarski


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